Important eventsImportant events
DAYS OF CONFERENCE AND DEADLINE EXTENDED: 10 September 2021 and 13-14 October 2021
Third Pre-Conference Lectures 3 February 2021
Second Pre-Conference Lectures 6 January 2021
Begining of Submission of Articles
First Pre-Conference Lectures 9 December 2020
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Conference on International Law And Armed Conflicts In The West Asia

In consideration of the countless requests received from authors, and for maximum participations, the deadline for article submissions was extended. We must note that 2021 presidential elections in Iran as well as some other events like summer holidays and the concentration of educational activities and defence sessions of graduate students in summer time caused the conference to be held no earlier than 13 and 14 October 2021.

The Conference invites an international community of scholars in international law to take this opportunity to inform the international legal communities in the world of the latest results of their research; by submitting their scientific works and articles within the framework of the conference topics and by promoting their valuable legal doctrines as a guide to the country’s decision making in foreign policies.

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