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First Pre-Conference Lectures 9 December 2020
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International Law Aspects of Terror of Dr. Fakhri Zadeh

The first pre-lectures of conference on international law and armed conflicts in the West Asia with the title of of "international law aspects of terror of Dr Fakhri Zadeh presented by University of Qomin in 9 December 2020 with participation of of about  40 participants from several universities. In this virtual lecture Dr. Ahmad Momeni Rad, Dr. Tavakkol Habibzadeh and Dr. Mostafa Fazaeli, famous Iranian experts in international law, discussed about the case. It was discussed that what is the meaning of terror in international law and then it was compared with the case of Dr Fakhri Zadeh. Also it was discussed that what are judicial mechanisms for persecuting of perpetrators of this mission. The other issue was the international responsibility of States who sponsored the perpetrators and especially who harbour the terrorists in their territories. At the End some questions of participants were answered.


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