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DAYS OF CONFERENCE AND DEADLINE EXTENDED: 10 September 2021 and 13-14 October 2021
Third Pre-Conference Lectures 3 February 2021
Second Pre-Conference Lectures 6 January 2021
Begining of Submission of Articles
First Pre-Conference Lectures 9 December 2020
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Saturday, December 05, 2020
                      Writing Guidelines
·         Articles should be in line with the theme of the conference.
·         The region here refers to West Asia and North Africa. Articles are expected to comply with the interests of Islamic Republic of Iran.
·         The subject of the articles should be innovative and describe original work, not previously published elsewhere, totally or partly and offer solutions for one or more topics.
·         Please begin with the following elements:
1. TITLE, Please clearly identify your paper title.
2.Author(s) Names, University Affiliations and titles or ranks and the name of affiliated institutions of authors in both Persian and English.
3. Contact Info: please include address, phone number, and e-mail address.
4. Abstract (for both English and Persian articles) should be limited to at least 150 words and no more than 300 words.
·         Please provide a list of 5 keys words.
·         The preferred length of full article should be at least 4,500 and the maximum limit is 10,000 words.
·         Please use the decimal system of headings.
·         The article should be compiled with a theoretical framework and legal analysis.
·         The article must include an introduction, text, conclusion and Persian and English references.
·         Please note that English References must be included.
·         Article font should be 12-point, Zar.
·         Style of References (Alphabetical order)
Books: 1- Author family name, first name, Title of book, translator or editor’s name, volume number, edition statement, place of publication, publisher, year of publication.
Articles: 1- Author family name, first name, "title of the article", name of the journal, issue, period, month, year of publication.
·         Latin terms and abbreviations and special foreign expressions should be inserted in a footnote fallowing a numbering order.
·         use APA format for in-text citation (author’s family name, year, page)
·         Prior Publication and Simultaneous Submissions are not accepted. Please make sure the article was not published elsewhere or submitted in other conferences.
·           Articles that are not prepared and submitted according to this guideline will not be subjected to peer review.
·         The author is responsible for the accuracy of the contents of the article and the list of sources.
·         Authors are reminded that, where they draw upon material from another source, they must either put that material in the form of a quote, or write it entirely in their own words. In both cases, they must explicitly cite the source.
·         Note that articles should be submitted online through the conference website at
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